Silicone Japanese Sex Dolls from OVDoll

If you want the biggest selection of beautiful Japanese love dolls on the planet to choose from, with free international shipping to 183 countries worldwide, then the best sex doll site is OVDoll
best Japanese love doll site online - OVDoll

There are literally hundreds of beautiful sex dolls to choose from, including silicone dolls and the new TPE love dolls from Japan and China. Customer satisfaction is guaranteed with safe and quick delivery to anywhere in the world. You will be e-mailed before the day of delivery to let you know when your plain and discreetly packed new love companion will be arriving at your door. Most dolls come packed with free accessories such as sexy lingerie and heating rods. There are always sales and special deals to be explored on the site, you can of course select your chosen doll’s hair, height, bust size, eye colour and many other features. Not only this, but if you want the most personal doll imaginable, you can submit photos of your girlfriend etc and the expert designers at OVDoll will set to work at producing a sex doll that matches your requirements exactly!

Japanese real love doll ‘Chris’ is a current bestseller and very popular with American and European men looking to have an authentic lovemaking experience with a beautiful young Japanese lady. She is always ready for sex and loves to be dressed in any number of sexy and cute outfits. She can be put in any position you want her and will always have a delightful smile on your face no matter how hard your lovemaking with her is.

real Japanese love doll Chris

Visit this Japanese Love Doll’s Page at OVDoll

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Dekunoboo Plush Sex Doll Type G2 Natsune

dekunobooPlush Doll Natsune ($1,391)
Natsune is the latest in the popular ‘Dekunoboo’ serious of realistic large breasted but sweet Japanese plush dolls.

These girls are sweet, obedient, and have amazing racks! So soft and cuddly, you want to fuck these sweet love dolls hard then hug them for hours aftwards!

Height is a perfect 5ft1″.

Many of her parts can be selected, such as the color of her hair.

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Hanbun-ko Jijo Mai Doll

Hanbun-ko Jijo Mai Doll ($703)


This gorgeous Japanese life-like acrylic love doll is just that – a beautiful half-size (2ft6″) that is so adorable that you will want to cuddle and caress it as much as you will want to fuck it (and you will want to do that as well, make no mistake!). An innocent looking Japanese girl whose body is bursting with sexual energy and the desire for love and new experiences. The girl of your dreams for just $700??? Available to order direct from Japan now with very low shipping costs.


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My Girl Yuria Luxury Air Doll

Blow-up dolls aren’t exactly known for realism or beauty, but the Japanese are trying to change that image!  The My Girl Yuria is a luxury Japanese blow up doll that will blow your mind and melt your heart!  Combining wide anime style eyes with very large and firm boobs, and arms that wrap around you as you make love to her.  The My Girl Yuria is completely life-size and easily the best blow-up sex doll around – for under $100!  Click the image below for more information :

my girl yuria g cup air doll 1

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Japanese Love Body Ren

The Japanese Love Body Ren is the ultimate love doll for men who like to do it doggy style!  Fuck your very own Japanese sweetheart love doll from behind as hard and as often as you like!

Love Body Ren 2

The Love Body Ren is no ordinary blow-up doll.  Made from far higher quality material than the average inflatable doll you see selling for $50, this Japanese doll is placed in the doggy-style position complete with high-quality life-like Japanese masturbator for its cute little pussy.

The shape and firmness of the doll when inflated is such that you will love dressing it up in sexy lingerie, and even costumes such as a sexy Japanese schoolgirl uniform.

If you’ve always dreamed of owning Japanese love dolls, then the Love Body Ren is a good place to start at only $126.

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Japanese Love Doll Sweet Body

The next generation of ultra-cute, ultra-realistic Japanese love dolls has arrived! The Love Doll Sweet Body is a new series of incredibly realistic silicone love dolls. The super sweet faced dolls are light, tender, and their amazingly sexy bodies are perhaps the most flexible and easy to pose of any realistic sex dolls to date. You can choose from FOURTEEN different cute faces, all with matching wigs. What’s more, you can actually mix-and-match whichever combinatino of wig and face you want. I’m not the sharpest at maths, but by my reckoning that means you have over 100 possible different individual dream dolls to choose from. Click the images below for more information on the dolls and information regarding ordering them from Japan :

Love Doll Sweet Body 2

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Japanese Anime Love Dolls

Another first for Kanojo Toys – Orient Industries latest sex dolls are available to order from Japan. Unbelievably cute, wide-eyed, anime love dolls! You can choose between 4 different sex doll characters, and specify from one of 3 different body types for each doll. Each anime girl can be dressed in various accessories such as school uniform or maid’s outfit.
Click the image below to see more details.

Japanese Anime Love Doll

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Japanese Love Dolls documentary

Video uploaded to YouTube documenting one man’s love for his beautiful Japanese Love dolls.

Some comments that people leave underneath YouTube videos on love dolls are quite idiotic. However, I did spot this very intelligent and astute observation from one member (QuesadillaT) :

I honestly don’t see why people are so offended. I am an 18 y/o woman and I still see no wrong to this.
benefits: men can carry out fantasies without hurting someone or having to go without
they won’t be as tempted to commit violent sexual acts if they can take out their urges with these.
men who are lonely, especially older men, won’t have to go the rest of their lives being unsatisfied and lonely.
instead of women being the thing to take it out on, they have a THING to take it out on.

I believe these dolls can be useful and beneficial. Don’t make the guys who never get laid even sadder by taking away this option!

PS!!!!! this also reduces the spread of STD’s. which can SAVE LIVES!!!

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Yuka’s Embrace Japanese Love Doll under $1000!!

Yuka’s Embrace Japanese Love Doll – $963

Yuka’s Embrace is a special Japanese Love Doll that is made out of foam cushion instead of silicone.  This makes this love doll cheaper than others but no less delightful to feel and to make love to.  In fact, Yuka is especially soft and can easily be put into any sexual pose that you desire for love making.  This beautiful and sweet Japanese love doll comes complete with a delicious Meishiki Yoshi Miki onahole.

Click to order Yuka's Embrace Japanese love doll

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CandyGirl Jewel Rosa F Japanese Love Doll

The Candy Girl Jewel Rosa F is Orient Doll Industry’s tallest and most buxum Japanese love doll.  You can customise Jewel Rosa with one of 19 different faces and hair pieces.  The Rosa love doll is 100% silicone and has amazingly life-like skin which is completely seamless in the joint areas.

For your hands-on experience, the Rosa set comes with a hairless “Boing” body hole designed just for her. The body hole is extremely high-quality and durable, and provides an amazingly realistic sexual experience. If needed, choose an additional “Styler” body hole (has a tighter grip).

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