Japanese Love Dolls documentary

Video uploaded to YouTube documenting one man’s love for his beautiful Japanese Love dolls.

Some comments that people leave underneath YouTube videos on love dolls are quite idiotic. However, I did spot this very intelligent and astute observation from one member (QuesadillaT) :

I honestly don’t see why people are so offended. I am an 18 y/o woman and I still see no wrong to this.
benefits: men can carry out fantasies without hurting someone or having to go without
they won’t be as tempted to commit violent sexual acts if they can take out their urges with these.
men who are lonely, especially older men, won’t have to go the rest of their lives being unsatisfied and lonely.
instead of women being the thing to take it out on, they have a THING to take it out on.

I believe these dolls can be useful and beneficial. Don’t make the guys who never get laid even sadder by taking away this option!

PS!!!!! this also reduces the spread of STD’s. which can SAVE LIVES!!!

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