Japanese Love Body Ren

The Japanese Love Body Ren is the ultimate love doll for men who like to do it doggy style!  Fuck your very own Japanese sweetheart love doll from behind as hard and as often as you like!

Love Body Ren 2

The Love Body Ren is no ordinary blow-up doll.  Made from far higher quality material than the average inflatable doll you see selling for $50, this Japanese doll is placed in the doggy-style position complete with high-quality life-like Japanese masturbator for its cute little pussy.

The shape and firmness of the doll when inflated is such that you will love dressing it up in sexy lingerie, and even costumes such as a sexy Japanese schoolgirl uniform.

If you’ve always dreamed of owning Japanese love dolls, then the Love Body Ren is a good place to start at only $126.

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